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Mysterium website and meeting

The Mysterium website is up at http://www.mysterium.net. Also, the Mysterium Committee invites you to an informal gathering in A Beginner’s Bevin from 7 pm to 8 pm PST (10 pm to 11 pm EST) on Friday, January 25th. Here you can meet and greet some of the members of your Mysterium Committee as well as ask us any questions that you might have about this year’s Mysterium. After 8 pm, please feel free to join us in CyanChat to continue chatting.

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ARMD Concert - January 26th

EVENT - ARMD Concert
DATE - Saturday, January 26th
TIME - 12:00 - 13:00 KI Time
PLACE - MusicRestorationCouncil's Bevin
HOST - Turjan

The ARMD (Assemblée de Restauration de la Musique D'ni) is a French community created with the hope and aim of recreating D'ni music. Please join in on the Inauguration of their Bevin and listen to some D'ni-inspired music provided by Turjan and broadcast by Lord Chaos. Turjan will also be on-hand to tell a little more about the ARMD & their projects as well as introduce & answer questions about his music.

Come, enjoy, and immerse yourself in music specially-made for the Cavern...

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Mysterium 2008 Update

Hello from your 2008 Mysterium Committee!

We're working on all of the details we'll need to get this year's Mysterium planning off to a solid start.


We are looking for proposals from Mystites in the Eastern Time Zone who would be willing to host Mysterium 2008 in their city. Proposals should include: Lees meer

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Photo Quest 2

(This Announcement posted on behalf of the Photo Quest Gallery Team) Explorers! Photo Quest is back! Here's your chance to show or or improve your KI Photo-taking skills and take a new look at the Ages you thought you knew. In a scavenger hunt-like fashion, search the Ages and submit one photo for each of the following categories. Creative perspectives and subjects are highly encouraged! Please do not submit photos of bugs. This is not a contest, rather a fun way to explore the beauty of the Ages through your own eyes and the eyes of other Explorers. Please submit only one photo per category. Please check out the link to find out how to submit your photos. The Quest will run from January 20th through February 1st. Please only submit photos taken during that time. Photos taken after February 1st (KI Time) will not be shown. The Gallery Showing will be February 2nd from 12:00 to 19:00 (KI Time) in the PhotoQuest Gallery Bevins. Music will be provided by Lord Chaos.

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Myst Online Uru Live Season 2 Party

On Saturday January 26th at 8:00pm GMT there will be a full celebration of anticiption for MOUL season 2. This will take place in A Beginner's Bevin's Eder Delin. The events is taking place to raise awareness and show support for a second season of Myst Online: Uru Live. The party/celebration will hopefully reach the eyes and ears of both Cyan and GameTap to raise awareness and the desire for a Season 2. Unfortunately as nothing has been heard yet, Uru's community continues to lose hope that the game will be renewed. We will be partying to raise awareness of that fact and hopefully encourage and convince Cyan and GameTap into at least releasing a small amount of information regarding the second season. The party will last indefinately (until people are ready to leave). Music will be provided by Lord Chaos. There'll be some activities going on throughout the course of the evening and a marker competition. It would be great to see as many people there that want to have a season 2 for Myst Online. TG

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